Work with Katherine


Work with Katherine focuses on bringing meaning, wholeness and more truthful being into daily life. Consultations are specialised in balancing the thinking, feeling, and acting centres to achieve our full human potential.

All sessions are fully confidential, and teaching combines practical philosophy with your individual path; we typically discuss the deeper meaning in relationships, honest feeling, energetics, shadow and pain, theology, microcosm and macrocosm. 

There are two options of work with Katherine:

  • Online Video Consultations
  • In-Person Teaching

Use the Contact page for enquiries and to book all sessions.




Included in Skype consultation:

  • 1 hour video call.
  • One personalised herbal formula is mailed to you after the call. Refills can be purchased separately.
  • Follow-up support via email


$75 per hour

(4 hours minimum)

Nature is charged with a pure signal that demands truthfulness and fuels transformation. We witness Being in wilderness and domesticated settings. We walk and talk, discussing past events, current life situations, and new approaches, then practice putting them into motion. The guided work encourages lucid observation of self and other- how we interact with our world, and what it means. These sessions blend experiential immediacy with presence and depth of perspective. 

Bring a packed lunch, plenty of water, and weather-appropriate clothing. No major trekking, but we will be Out of Doors all day. 
All One-to-One sessions take place near Sandpoint, Idaho, unless otherwise arranged.