IMG_2787Katherine Spann teaches indigenous wisdom traditions   and european mysticism using herbalism, nature connection, and wilderness living as pathways to transformation. The work focuses on alignment with more truthful ways of living by engaging the natural world as our mirror for growth. Katherine emphasises direct individual experience with the outer wildness of nature as the doorway into our inner wilderness.

The work aims to more skillfully encounter the mystery of this world, and our authentic interactions within it, by re-learning how to move fluidly through both wild and domesticated environments, honest observance of our world, self-directed ritual, and stillness. The natural human is resilient, adaptable, and graceful.

Katherine has lived and travelled widely in Britain, Europe, Russia, and the Americas asking, “What actually is the natural human way?” She holds a Master of Arts and a Master of Sciences by Research from the University of Edinburgh, and a Diploma in Herbology from the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh.

Katherine has worked as a community herbalist since 2013. She currently lives in North Idaho.

Katherine is not a doctor. She does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Only you are responsible for your actions.